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Why the Centre du Cheveu?

The Centre du Cheveu, founded in 2015 by Rodolphe, is a place exclusively dedicated to hair problems. Benefiting from close collaboration with the best hair experts, this centre has become the High Tech reference point in its field.

When should I have a consultation?

As soon as the hair loss seems more abundant, when you find hair on the pillow or in your bath in a large quantity and it is starting to look visibly thinner.

What can I do to effectively combat hair loss?

Our experts first of all perform an accurate diagnosis in order to determine the cause and the type of alopecia (hair loss). Based on this analysis, you are offered an effective and tailor-made solution.

I have already tried everything, is there still hope if I come to you?

At the Centre du Cheveu, the consultation is very thorough. Everything will be gone through with a fine tooth comb and what’s more the causes of your hair loss will be analysed; we will explain to you why your previous treatments have failed.

I have already lost a large amount of my hair, is it too late to act?

Absolutely not, the Centre du Cheveu offers focused methods with or without surgery, whatever the extent of baldness, be it partial or total.

Do I have to pay for the consultation?

The consultation is €45 and the camera examination is €30. Nevertheless, you can participate regularly in targeted information sessions for free (post-natal alopecia, alopecia following hair being pulled out, etc.) via our Facebook page.

I would like to know how much a hair loss treatment costs (LED Biostimulation)

You can find our prices on the “Our Solutions” page below the different services.

I already wear a hairpiece, can I come to you for its maintenance?

Yes, absolutely! The Centre du Cheveu will take responsibility for cutting your hair system, maintaining it, refusions and rebonding, regardless of where you got it from. Consult our price list to find the price that suits you.

What is the difference between a wig and the hair replacement systems that you offer?

The wig is removable and is worn like a hat. It is not your hair and everyone can notice it. A By Rodolphe system is completely invisible, it enables you to have any hairstyle and to do what you normally do!

I would like to have hair implants, how can the Centre du Cheveu help me?

The Centre du Cheveu has compiled a list of specialist surgeons for you who are known for their quality work and their reasonable prices. This list is continuously updated based on feedback from our clients and the results which we analyse.

What can I do in the event of a poor operation in another salon/institute? (Graft, colour, straightening...)

We perform a complete assessment of the damage caused to your skin or your hair in order to complete your report in your proceedings.

What is the process for a By Rodolphe system? How does it work?

With our method, we keep all of your existing hair, there is no removal or scarring. We find natural hair identical to yours: same colour, same type of hair… This natural hair is then implanted in an extremely fine and totally invisible micro-perforated membrane when it is placed on the scalp. It is fused by a dermal resin, heated and dried at 37°. This resin is non-allergenic and specially studied for a long period, we are talking about “derma fusion”

How is the system fixed to my head?

The fixing of the membrane is ensured by a resin glue designed for the skin and non-allergenic. This resin is heated to a low temperature and at its crystallisation phase enables the membrane to be fused to the scalp.

Does the system hold well? Is it solidly fixed to my head?

Be assured, there is no risk of seeing our systems fly away! Our refusions are made based on the lifestyles of our clients. The membrane allows for all kinds of activity.

Is the system visible?

Certainly not! A By Rodolphe system has been designed for the most discerning client. Our many videos prove that our systems are the only ones to be able to convince many television and film stars.

Is it natural hair?

Absolutely. A By Rodolphe system is entirely implanted with natural hair of the most wonderful quality. We can also produce synthetic pieces but demand for these is rarer.

Is there a risk of itching or particular feelings?

No, the membrane doesn’t tickle or sting, you feel absolutely nothing.

Is there a risk of allergies or illnesses due to the resins used to fix it?

These are products that have been dermatologically tested and present no risk of side effects, they are designed for the skin and do not cause a reaction.

Does the hair placed on my head grow?

No, the hair in the system does not grow, only your existing hair will continue to grow. Our method of cutting enables you to see no possible difference between your hair and the system’s hair.

What is the difference with a wig?

The wig is removable and is worn like a hat. It is not your hair and everyone can notice it. A By Rodolphe system is completely invisible, it enables you to have any hairstyle and to do what you normally do for several weeks!

Is it also designed for children who have lost their hair (alopecia, burns, cancer, etc...)?

We pay particular attention to children affected by alopecia whatever the cause. A By Rodolphe is always made to measure and is perfectly suitable for children and adolescents of all ages. In this sense, the fixing methods are adapted.

Do I have to come back to change the system?

It is not compulsory, some clients opt for “self-care” and maintain their piece at home. Of course, we receive many clients each month who have chosen to not do anything and entrust this work to us from A to Z.

My head sweats a lot because I do sport. Is it compatible?

Of course, we design the type of system and fusion in order to prevent all of the inconveniences linked to perspiration. The fixing period is logically influenced by perspiration.

How long does a By Rodolphe system stay on your head?

From 3 to 8 weeks maximum, taking into account a permanent “refusion”. It is not advised to prolong the bonding beyond that. The adhesive fixings have a reduced hold from 1 to 10 days.

What happens if I pull my hair. Is there a risk of ripping it off?

Only a very strong pull could effectively rip the membrane. It all also depends on how old the type of bonding chosen is.

I have some white hair, how do you find the same percentage in my new hair?

We reproduce your hair identically after an exam and various amendments whatever the percentage of white hair, from 5 to 100%!

I would just like to fill in the top of my head because I am losing my hair in a tonsured way. The front doesn’t bother me. Is it possible?

A By Rodolphe system is designed to fill in the area of your choice. You can preserve your natural hair at the front and incorporate a system on the top. The result will be invisible.

Can you reproduce my hair with nicer hair than my original hair (thicker, straighter or curlier)?

Absolutely! We can use suppler, thicker or finer hair than what you had originally. Of course, we have to remain consistent with your face, hairstyle and the quality of your existing hair.

Who can cut the hair in my “system”?

Only an expert in replacement hair can perfectly incorporate your additional hair with your own hair. Threading, integrating and supple layering is a meticulous job and involves methods that we have specifically developed at the Centre du Cheveu with our team of experts.

Do I have to come back often to maintain my system?

Every 3 to 8 weeks but only if you want to. With a By Rodolphe system you can opt for solutions which suit you, designed to suit your time and your budget.

What is the price of a By Rodolphe system?

The price varies depending on the length, thickness and the replacement area. A By Rodolphe system is much better than rival products which cannot achieve such a resolution and such a life span.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I make the order?

In the case of a purchase and not a subscription, we ask for a deposit of 50%.

Can I pay in several instalments?

We have subscription packages which allow you to spread the cost.

What is the delivery time?

A maximum of 9 weeks after the order is confirmed.

If I decide one day to stop wearing the hair replacement system, can I?

In the case of subscriptions, these plan for flexible removal conditions; with no subscription, nothing happens because the hair belongs to you, as soon as it is put on.
Technically, you will not have scarring, you will find your hair as it was before using our services.

What is the life span of a By Rodolphe system?

The life span depends above all on the type of system chosen and other factors: your lifestyle, the care you take of your hair, the type of products you use, etc…

For what reason does your process really stand out from what you can find on the market?

We think there is nothing worse than wearing something ridiculous… Consequently, we use recognised European hair as it is of the best quality combined with various bases (the membrane in which the hair is injected), combining resistance, delicacy and invisibility. Our competitors use Indian hair, certainly cheaper but thicker and more rigid, sometimes combined with synthetic hair which quickly gives the effect of a wig which we avoid at all costs at the Centre du Cheveu.

I wear a hairpiece from a rival business (internet, shop, wigmaker, hairdresser...). Can I have it cut and maintained by you?

Absolutely, all clients are welcome, we attach as much care and importance as to our own “systems”. You will benefit from our expertise and will be guaranteed the best possible integration with your hair.

I had implants and I have scarring. I am disappointed! Is it possible to grow hair after this and cover the damage?

Perfectly! Many clients come to see us, disappointed with their surgery and want to finally have a sufficient quantity of hair without another operation, traumatic and painful on every level…

Do you offer a home service?

Of course, we can travel all over Belgium, provided that the appointment is made a week in advance.

Do you offer services throughout the year?

The Centre du Cheveu only closes on Sundays and bank holidays, we guarantee a continuous service in order to permanently respond to the demands of our clients.