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Excessive hair loss?

The assessment of your hair’s health is done by a detailed diagnosis.

Whatever the cause of your hair loss, it is necessary to do an assessment as early as possible in order to plan the really effective solution. We perform a detailed analysis which will enable us to do an extremely accurate diagnosis of the health of your hair and scalp, as well as the follicular roots (bulbs).

We are equipped with the latest generation tools, such as a HD camera and a folliscope.

Damaged hair?

Something has changed in your hair, you feel it and you can see it. Don’t wait until it is too late… Consult us straightaway if you think that one of these factors has damaged or changed your hair:

  • Hard water
  • Aggressive dyes or bleaches
  • Inappropriate straightening
  • Swimming pool chlorine
  • Intensive drying or drying at a too high a temperature
  • Your scalp is more sensitive

Your hair has become:

  • Finer and thinner, you can see your scalp through it
  • More difficult to manage and has less volume
  • It doesn’t grow anymore or only very slowly
  • The ends are fine
  • Less shiny, duller

Thanks to our folliscope, we can detect the presence of whatever chemical product has damaged your hair. Thus, you will be able to know the exact cause of your problem.

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Yes, my father
Yes, my mother
Yes, my maternal grandfather
Yes, my maternal grandmother
Yes, my paternal grandmother

More difficult to style
Less hold
A more rebellious cowlick

Yes, I sweat
Yes, when I am stressed
Yes, when I don’t wash it
Yes, often and for no particular reason

Yes, all around
Yes, especially above the ears

Once a week
2-3 times a week
Every 2 days
Every day

It becomes greasy
It starts to itch
It loses its volume


From the front with a view of the forehead

From above your head

From the side


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