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The Derma + anti-dandruff treatment

The effective and lasting solution for dandruff and clogged scalp.
What is the process?

The Derma + treatment consists of eradicating in a lasting way the seborrhoeic shedding from the scalp which prevents follicles growing and the quality of your hair. Often originating from bacteria (pityriasis), they do not have to stay untreated. The majority of time, anti-dandruff shampoos are not sufficiently effective and their effects are very short-term.

Pleasantly fresh and fragrant, this menthol treatment will provide a bath of purity to your scalp. Rich in nut shell powder, Jojoba oil and coconut, it smooths the skin gently without irritating it. Tea tree essential oil, broad spectrum, tones, sanitizes and protects.

When should I start this treatment?
  • As soon as you notice recurrent flakes in your hair or on your clothes.
  • When you notice a reduction in volume and increasingly flatter hair
  • When you see a greasier scalp and lifeless hair
  • If your scalp stings
  • If you smell a more significant odour of sebum
  • As a preventative measure to cleanse your scalp
What are the results?

After having followed Derma + anti-dandruff treatment, results are clearly visible :

A healthy clean and smooth scalp and roots free from impurities for silkier hair with more volume. A camera test is always done before and after the Derma + treatment to see the results for yourself.