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Hair implants or grafts

A support before, during and after your operation
Our role:
preventive assistance and checking results

The hair implant method requires the patient to meet certain criteria that we assess when we do our diagnosis:

  • Age,
  • Type of alopecia,
  • Thickness of the donor area,
  • Your hair’s life span

This is to achieve a sufficient and lasting thickness.

The Centre du Cheveu guides you to highly-qualified surgeons with reasonable prices and ensures a monitored after-care after your operation if you wish.

In the event of an operation not achieving your desired outcome or in the event of rejection, we will help you with your processes in order to produce a report enabling you to best defend yourself. It is therefore advised to consult us before choosing your surgeon and planning an operation.

What is the difference between FUE and FUT grafts?

There are currently two methods for hair grafts: FUT and FUE. The way in which the root of the hair is removed is the main difference between these two methods:

The F.U.T (Follicular Unit Transplant): a strip of skin with a good amount of hair is removed in order to obtain some hair follicles.

 The F.U.E (Follicular Unit Extraction): follicular units are removed one by one in a diffuse way.

The removal method is one of the most important and decisive criteria for a hair graft: the number of grafts removed is not the most important thing but rather the quality of the roots if you want to achieve an increased growth rate.