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The “By Rodolphe” hair replacement system

The new solution for rediscovering all of your hair with no surgery

Why use this method?

Hair replacement without surgery is a method focused on new generation; it doesn’t require surgery or having to wear a traditional wig. We restore natural sufficiently thick hair enabling you to have the hairstyles you want.

The Centre du Cheveu is developing all of the hair replacement methods: lace, Swiss, French, nano skin, lens, polyfuse etc…

We offer a wide selection of hair replacement system (hair style, color) for men and women at all prices.

We practise all of the bond types: Dermofusion, double face, dermo film HD, Invisibond … guaranteeing bondings designed for the life and the wishes of each person in absolute comfort.

During “refusion”, the system is bonded with the help of a resin. The result is invisible.

Who is this method designed for?
  • For women and men.
  • For bald people who know that their baldness will only get worse with time.
  • For people who don’t want to resort to surgery to regain some hair.
  • For those who are looking for a lasting solution with no constraints
  • For people who have extremely thinning hair and who want it to be thicker.
  • For those who want to be able to stop when they want without scarring.
  • For those who want to continue to do sports and activities.
  • For those who want to maintain a classic haircut or to be able to follow the latest trends.
  • For those who want to be attractive again by appearing younger and more current.
  • For those who are looking for a real expert who is reliable and confidential.
  • For those who already have some hair growth and want to now have the best.
  • For those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a hair solution.

If at least two of these responses apply to you, this method is without doubt for you.

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