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Have you had a treatment that gave no results?

Is your hair thinning and can you now see your scalp through it?

Are you already bald and do you think it is too late?

Don’t wait any longer, contact us now:

Visible results after 10 treatments, hair is no longer falling out and the thin area is becoming thicker.

Our treatment against hair loss : Photo Bio Modulation (PBM) and Mesotherapy

This new technology derived from the medical sector is the result of many years of research and collaboration between designers, doctors, researchers and experts in biophotonic modulation.
PBM origin

Photo Bio Modulation is one of the oldest procedures of which the aim is to optimise organic or natural matter for therapeutic purposes. The new generations of treatment called “biotherapy” fall into the context of these new targeted, more effective treatments that have no side effects. They exploit the photonic energy in the electromagnetic spectrum enabling cellular regeneration.

Photo Bio Modulation is intended to increase the speed and quality of healing of injured tissue. Inflammation decreases and cellular metabolism (secretion of growth factors, activation of enzymes …) increases.

The SPH (Swiss Photon Hair) device, focused on technology, has been specifically designed and made in Switzerland by highly-qualified doctors designed for the medical field whereas the Centre du Cheveu aims to treat problems linked to hair loss.

In the majority of cases, results are quick, visible and lasting.

The range focuses on:

  • Improving the quality and thickness of the hair
  • Significantly stabilising hair loss
  • Stimulating hair growth
Why use this technology?

The medication that has been available for about 30 years is in reality molecules extracted from treatments designed for other conditions. In addition to the risk of side effects, these treatments must be taken daily for the rest of your life to achieve a lasting result and to avoid hair falling out again.

What happens in a biostimulation treatment session?

The client sits comfortably in a reclining chair. A qualified technician massages the scalp to get the blood flowing. A thermal-stimulating lotion works on the blood circulation to enable a better irrigation of the bulbs when exposed to the LED biostimulation panels. A Photo Bio Modulation session lasts for about 30 minutes.

Mesotherapy by micro-injection i + booster
to stop hair loss

If you suffer from androgenic alopecia, pelade or simply an excessive hair loss, you can count on the effectiveness of Mesotherapy for an effective treatment against hair loss.

This non-invasive shock treatment is a real cell booster. Ideal for people with limited availability who want quick and visible results. During the two recommended monthly sessions, a stimulant rich in trace elements will be injected through micro-needles creating channels directly in the heart of the follicular cells.

The association with the PHOTO BIO MODULATION (Photo therapy) will further increase the effectiveness of the treatment.