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The history of the Centre du Cheveu

Rodolphe Le Provost

It all started when Rodolphe, a hairdresser for 20 years and suffering from alopecia himself, was looking for the best solution to tackle this problem

I started to go bald young… Too young. Losing your hair is like losing a part of yourself, you look older, less attractive, you can’t follow trends anymore, you are all of a sudden much less and that plays on your self-confidence! My baldness was too significant to resort to implants. I wasn’t interested in wigs, I had to find another way…

It was in 2008 in Brazil where I discovered this revolutionary method.

Together with a local research and development laboratory, we carried out numerous tests over a year. A year in which I personally tested the advances in this method of replacing hair without surgery. Then we developed the “by Rodolphe” system: invisible, simple and allowed me to live a full life with no constraints.

The number of clients rapidly increased, coming from the 4 corners of Belgium: “We were finally able to respond to an increasing demand in terms of definition, comfort and reliability”.

Then, faced with the distress of many people not having found a response to the start of their alopecia (hair loss), the Centre du Cheveu expanded its activities to include research and the development of solutions for increasing baldness in men and women.

Conventional medical treatments for the side effects don’t always provide a real response to baldness, we have to rethink the approach, it has to be more personalised where each case is listened to and analysed to respond with a tailor-made solution not a preconceived one

Today the Centre du Cheveu is continuously developing research and working with the best experts in the field of hair loss. A team of dermatologists, surgeons, hairdressers, researchers and designers all have one thing in common: to offer a 360o solution to respond effectively and individually to the problems of alopecia (hair loss), the priority being: real results.